• A large and modern office building

    Tasta Brygge at Skogstøstraen 25 in Stavanger Nord is a different and good place to run business. We have 5000 m2 offices for rent in one of the few large and modern office buildings near Stavanger city center. There is also the possibility of a workshop / warehouse. You can rent a building, a floor or an office.

    Tasta Brygge offers leases that are flexible, short or long, for few or for many, for founders and established businesses that will make an exciting structural choice. The office areas are easily scalable and of top or good quality. We offer flexibility and growth opportunities.

    In Tasta Brygge you work 3 km from Stavanger city center, by the sea, overlooking the main shipping lane into Stavanger harbor. Close to public transport. Commuting to work is easily done either by public transport, bike or car.

    Total rental area is approx. 7400 m2 divided into three buildings. Electricity and ventilation were upgraded to top standard in 2014. Sparkly shiny new premises – move in today!